Intro to Lego Engineering

This year’s theme is all about Cities. What makes a city and city? What makes your city unique? Our goal this season is to use our City to learn about engineering principles. What is an engineer? Engineers, our people who design, analyze, build, and test machines, systems, structures and materials to fulfill objectives and requirements […]

Session 7- The Parallel Universe of Levers and Linkage Systems

Session 7- Linking Levers for Lunar Work! Last week in Lego Engineering, we learned about Levers and how the help make work easier. The root of Lever is Lev– which comes from Latin and means? To lighten or make weigh less. Name some other words that use Lev What Harry Potter Spell is being casted? […]

Session 6 – Lunar Levers

Just as gears change speed and strength (torque), Levers are an important simple machine that can be used to make work easier. Review from Last Session Let’s review what we learned at our last session of Lego Engineering. What are three type of gears that we explored last session? Spur, Double Bevel and single bevel. […]

Session 5- Gearing for Mars!

Supplies: Paper and Pencils on each table, Dry Erase Marker, White Board, LEGOs! Today we are launching to our nearest planetary neighbor, Mars!  Listen carefully about the characteristics of the planet to understand the challenges about sending astronauts there. Team Challenge Eight Planets- One way to remember the order of the planets is something called […]