Washington Lego Club Session 1

Building Blocks of Washington Lego Club

Lego Bin, Notebooks and Pencils.

Video 1 : Intro to Washington Lego League-    https://youtu.be/ckgVupx6374

Video 2 : Rules of Engagement-     https://youtu.be/1XtC0cV3MZo

Video 3 : Brick descriptions –   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHySmxkjpcU&list=UUk9rfhde7BMG08z2mc68Uqw

Quick build-  Build anything with 5 blocks.  Then find a partner and listen to their description of what they built.  Name the blocks.  Then switch.

Video 4 : Engineering Proces   NASA | NASA for Kids: Intro to Engineering


Write the Engineering process on the white board while the video is playing:

  1. Engineering Process-
  2.             Define the Problem
  3.             Do your research- what already exists
  4.             Design your solution
  5.                         Draw out your ideas
  6.             Build a Prototype
  7.             Test it! Over and over
  8.             Evaluating your solutions- Question Everything!
  9.                         Want went well
  10.                         How can it be made better? Go back to Design your solution 4 to 6 times!

Video 5 The Great Escape Crash Course Kids #13.


Finally the Challenge:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fue0BEiOb8k

Post pictures and videos of their solutions!

Coach A


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