Session 2- Satellites

Lego Engineering – Satellites

Eat snack and set up!

Play JA video 1: Intro to Satellites

Play Everything Revolves Around You: Crash Course Kids #22.1

Play JA video 2:

Intro to first artificial satellite, Sputnik.–xo

Play JA video #3: Today’s Challenge build

Today as Lego Engineers we are going to design and launch a satellite into orbit!The FIRST Lego League had some cool models of satellites such as these.  We are going to use these parts and more to build our own. 

Use your Engineering process of re-design.  The constraints are


  1. Power source – batteries or solar
  2. Communication method? – antennae
  3. Purpose?- Weather survelience, communication, alien searcher???
  4. It has to be able to fit into the space capsule.

After completion of your satellite, present it to a coach/parent.  Once most kids are done, watch the next challenge!

Build Strong perpendicular tower for Launch base.  Use Cosmic string and Power Function Pack to attempt to launch it into space!

If kids get done early, build a mission control or work on previous challenges.

Good Luck and Send in photos.

Don’t forget to Pick up, turn off the projector and computer.  Put all bins back onto to art room store room shelf!

See you next week!

Coach A

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