City Shaper Mission Building

The North Stars, formerly the Space Koalas, met on September 2nd to Build the mission models for this year’s theme, CITY SHAPER.

It only took 2 hours to build and place all of the models. It felt like the mission builds were much easier this year, plus this is the third year for our team. The trickiest model was the tree of all things. Otherwise it was also confusing on the elevator which side had the heavier car on it. We also, had a little difficulty getting the levers correct for the crane.

One thing that did help to make building go fast, was that each girl had their own computer or tablet with the instructions on it. They also had a parts bowl or cookie sheet to build on. And finally, they had a lot of pop and snacks….

After all missions were Duolocked we read through the missions and talked about HOME versus LAUNCH. By that time, they were not really paying attention… They then headed outside and made up a core value game and jumped on the trampoline.