The Battle of the Bridge

The challenge was to see which of the current robots build could make it up the bridge, drive relatively straight and be wide enough to push a flag down. We chose this challenge, because we know we want to do this mission very last, but want to use it in our design making of the robot!

First was Monster Bot. The large wheels did not leave enough clearance for the bot to get over the last hump of the bridge.

Next was The Russian Cube Bot. Yes, it was developed by the Russians at a secret lab…. and is a box bot like our robot last year. We chose to build this robot because it’s small size and still having all the features of light sensors and medium motors Though it looks cool and has dual light sensors and medium motors, the Russian Cube box design with the wheels towards the back could not make it up the ramp due to all the hardware up front. Plus, the box around it, the main feature caught on the ramp too. We tried taking the outside shell off, but then it just feel apart because the box was a main part of the wheel support. Also, the wiring of the medium motors, did not work out and got in the way.

Vertical Bot had issues and could even get up the start of the ramp. The wheels were too far forward.

A redesign was made of the wheels farther back and with a guide wheel, but still it had difficulties.

Ultimately, the simplest of the robots was the best…TrainerBot

With TrainerBot’s wheels forward and the weight towards the back. Trainer bot was the winner after the front fork was moved and the light sensor relocated.