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Session 3- International Space Station!

Today we are going to Lower Earth Orbit to the International Space Station!!!!Today’s build is “Technical” (Using technic blocks to build a robotics arm). Our first video takes us to life on the ISS. Intro to the Space Station- Did you see all the different modules that are put together to make the ISS. Look […]

Session 2- Satellites

Lego Engineering – Satellites Eat snack and set up! Play JA video 1: Intro to Satellites Play Everything Revolves Around You: Crash Course Kids #22.1 Play JA video 2: Intro to first artificial satellite, Sputnik.–xo Play JA video #3: Today’s Challenge build Today as Lego Engineers we are going to […]

Washington Lego Club Session 1

Building Blocks of Washington Lego Club Lego Bin, Notebooks and Pencils. Video 1 : Intro to Washington Lego League- Video 2 : Rules of Engagement- Video 3 : Brick descriptions – Quick build-  Build anything with 5 blocks.  Then find a partner and listen to their description of what they […]